Excerpt from "Queen Silver: The Godless Girl" -- Biographical Section. 

On Her Feminist Adventure

On November 7, 1925 the front page of the Los Angeles Evening Express announced, "Modern Portia of 14 Fights for Mother Before Court." Under the headline is a photograph of Grace sitting impassively behind a table in the courtroom, while a bespectacled Queen stands directly beside, as would an attorney. Queen is gesturing, ostensibly toward the judge. In front of her on the table, notes are spread from which she seems to be reading. The caption beneath the photograph read, "Queen Silver (standing), 14-year-old authoress, who is acting as defense lawyer for her mother (seated) in assault and battery case."(5) The newspaper continued, "Child authoress expects to win release of parent, accused of battery."

The Illustrated Daily News of November 24th announced the verdict in the headline: "'Not Guilty,' Says Her Honor, as Girl Defends Mother." In the photograph run here, Grace was seated in the witness box staring at an automobile skid chain which was being extended toward her by chief deputy city prosecuting attorney, E.J. Lickley. Slightly in the background and to one side are a smiling Queen and the police Judge Georgia Bullock. On a separate page of the same issue, the Illustrated Daily News continued, "Long-haired apostles of the Bible and long-haired so-called intellectuals, packed the courtroom, for 14-year-old Queen Silver, the child wonder, who is said to have understood the Einstein theory of relativity when she was but 8..."