Excerpt from "Queen Silver: The Godless Girl" -- Essay Section.


A Lecture in reply to William Jennings Bryan, delivered at Music-Arts Hall, Los Angeles, California, on March 1, 1923.

Circulated at the Scopes Monkey Trial 

Brief Excerpt of Pamphlet/Lecture

Nearly a year ago William Jennings Bryan, writing in the New York Times, said to the defenders of Evolution: "Come down out of the trees and discuss the subject." As soon as I read his challenge, I wrote an open letter to Bryan, challenging him to debate with me upon the subject of Evolution. He has never made any reply, other than to say that he will not debate with anyone who does not accept the story of creation laid down by Moses in the book of Genesis. In other words, Bryan says that he will not debate with anyone who knows more than himself. I climbed down out of my tree especially to debate with Bryan, and what do I find? I find that this only surviving troglodyte now remaining in America has gone into his hole and pulled the hole in after him.

I have often wondered why man, who is generally supposed to have a brain much superior to that of any other animal, should cling to the superstitions of his ignorant, savage ancestors. The reasoning of some people belongs back in those ages of the world when civilization was unknown. Modern people want automobiles and airplanes, palace cars and great steamships when they travel; and they want fine, comfortable homes to live in. They want the best that modern science can give them in the way of food, clothing and shelter. Why, then, do they go back to the ages of ignorance and savagery for their thoughts, their ethics, and their religions? I shall try to tell you.